E-Autofeedback Customer Testimonials

    " We use E-Autofeedback to evaluate our hotel lead service and how we do with citywide meetings. The feedback we’re gathering from this program is helping provide better service to all of our customers and it's a turnkey operation, invaluable in these days and times. "

Kari Eustace
Director of Convention Services
San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau


    " We have been very pleased with our installation of E-Autofeedback. Our response rate from the previous hard copy program has increased and we are able to effectively ask more questions due to the overall convenience of an electronic survey. The self-calculating reports make imparting this information to staff and board an easy process. Out hotels also appreciate the feedback we provide them from customers. "

John Cychol
Vice President of Marketing
Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau


    " I have been using E-Autofeedback for several months now. It is an exceptional product that is user friendly, easy to operate and has great customer support. The high response rate and the flexibility in reporting have enabled us to make several improvements in how we operate. We've shared the results with our staff and they have gotten many new ideas and suggestions for their own areas of our business. I would recommend this product for any business where customer feedback is important or where there is competition for customers. Your company has been a pleasure to work with and the technical support has been timely and exceptionally competent. Thank you for all your help. "

Gary S. Weinberg
Chief Operating Officer
National Seminars


    " E-Autofeedback is a breeze to use and with the response rate we're getting, we're able to instantaneously manage customer feedback, both good and bad. "

Keith Purcell
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau


    " I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful tool your E-Autofeedback system is. It truly gives the customer an easy opportunity to give us the necessary communication for us to learn our strengths and weaknesses. The customers appreciate the convenience and the quick response we give them in our follow-up.

    The staff finds it a very useful tool to review our performance at every level.

    Thanks for your help and excellent follow up as we have refined the uses of the E-Autofeedback system "

Mitch Ostrow
Vice President of Group Sales
Atlantis Resort, Nassau, Bahamas


    " E-Autofeedback is easy to use and it's delivered in a turnkey fashion. Our response rate has increased and the information we're collecting is enabling us to improve how we serve our customers. "

Barbara Stone
Director of Convention Services
Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau


    " E-Autofeedback is the perfect product for smaller bureaus with smaller budgets. It's totally turnkey and priced right to enable us to gather customer feedback that is helping us to be much more effective in the marketplace. I'd recommend it to any bureau that values feedback! "

Dick Martinez
Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing
Mobile Area Convention & Visitors Bureau


    " E-Autofeedback is easy to use, it's priced right, we're getting a great response rate and it's making a difference in how we serve our customers. "

Charles Ahlers
Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau


    " E-Autofeedback is a fantastic survey tool that’s easy to use with great customer service and support. The feedback we’ve collected is enabling us to improve our service and how our people perform. It has also generated important leads for new business. I recommend it for any CVB, large or small. "

Beth Stehley
Vice-President of Convention Sales & Services
Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau