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Overland Park, KS/August 31, 2005 — E-Autofeedback Survey Solutions has launched a new technology wrinkle designed to save customers money while enhancing questionnaire response rates, says E-Autofeedback President & Founder William J. Myers, CAE, CMP.

Branching involves the creation of one survey template to handle survey needs for a range of customers. When parts of a question are not applicable, the survey skips to the next section. For instance, one question may ask if the convention was citywide or confined to a single hotel. If the convention was citywide, it might query the planner on the levels of service at each hotel. If not a citywide, it might skip to a new line of questioning.

“Analysis is also simplified,” said Myers, “in that all the information can be restricted to one database rather than creating multiple databases. Having all of your customer responses in one database makes looking at your destination much easier and more comprehensive.”

With reporters saving time in some cases by having to answer fewer questions, the survey will take less time, which will hopefully increase response rates. In this situation everyone wins. The planner is allowed to express their level of satisfaction/dissatisfaction.”

Myers says a recent survey found 26 of every 27 planners who had bad service don’t complain. That simmering resentment can easily turn into a powder keg if not properly managed by the host bureau. “The purpose of using our software is to save angry customers and recruit new ones—all with a few simple key strokes.”

“The convention and visitors bureau benefits from branching by learning mistakes that can only enhance the quality of future meetings. The attendee wins by enrolling in future meetings that better fit their professional needs,” said Myers.

Susan Bruinzeel, Director of Market Intelligence for the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, remarked that “branching has been a great addition to E-Autofeedback’s growing list of features. It allows us get the information we need without confusing the customer with irrelevant questions. It also makes the reporting of the data much easier since you don’t have to worry about the wrong people answering a question and skewing the data. E-Autofeedback has been very customer oriented in the development of their product, and that is the type of company I like to work with.” Myers states that no other sophisticated software exists for CVBs. “I’m proud of the fact that in four years of doing business, we’ve never lost a customer.” E-Autofeedback has been providing branching since February, 2005 and has served leading Bureaus since 2002.

Further trend analysis features allow CVBs to examine a side-by-side comparison of hotel service performance over time. “We can look at how the properties are performing this quarter versus last and can even compare the individual sales people. Additionally, bureaus can email results to hotels at no charge,” said Myers. The goal is to upgrade the overall quality of service in a destination.